Meet Grayson

Breed: Terrier Mix
Sex: Male
Weight: 7 lbs
Age: 14 weeks

Some times in life you are looking for one thing and then something unexpected finds you. Grayson is that unexpected but he is more than that. He sat quietly WAITING for someone to notice his sweet face in the pile of fluffy dogs. He was looking out the bars and then someone amazing noticed him Amberwren Briskey. She could not leave his side.

As she touched him through the bars of his cell, he hoped she would get him out. We did and to our horrible surprise he almost did not make it from the shelter to the vet. When we arrived at the vet, we knew he had pneumonia. I cried for days and begged the heavens above for him to survive.

Grayson made it and I feel so blessed that he did. Now we are looking for his forever home. Grayson is truly a miracle pup. He loves with his whole heart. He snuggles like no other. He plays like it is the first time.

If interested in adopting me, please fill out an application, call (310) 650-2870 or email us at