We Need Your Help

A women drove up to a high kill shelter popped her TRUNK and pulled out a cage with three puppies and a mom covered in feces and scratching like crazy. They all had hair loss and where clearly in pain.

Eloise Rescue was alerted. If we had not taken them, the shelter would have put them down. We had them brought to our vet right away.

They all have sarcoptic mange very which is contagious and very painful. They have infections from the scratching and fleas everywhere. We have them being treated in isolation and they will need medical baths, antibiotics and care from a vet for two to three weeks. The good news they will all survive and heal.

We need your donations to get these four angels better. We have named the mom Jewel, the black and white pup Bailey, the larger of the two blonde pups George and the little blonde pup Mathilda.

Please helps us by donating what ever you can. We thank you from the bottom of our paws!