Happy Tails


One evening while pulling out of a vet clinic, my friend noticed a dog hugging close to a fence barely moving. We pulled up only to see a man walking toward the dog screaming at him and then the worst happened. He begin hitting and kicking him. I pulled up on the side walk screaming "leave him alone, stop that!" As I yelled, he continued hitting him and the dog urinated on himself. I was enraged and I was going to get this dog away from him at all cost. With lots of calls to the police and a lot of pressure on the actual owner. we where able to get Jack away from him.

The man who was beating him was deported. Jack was taken to Two Hands Four Paws and had weeks of intense physical therapy. We where so happy with Jack progressed. He is able to walk and run again. Jack was adopted by an amazing couple who love him so much and he has a great life, he so deserves.

Jack is a dog that taught me more then I imagined learning from a dog. The idea that jack loves humans after being beaten for 6 years of his life. Still he loves humans and is so gentle. Forgiveness is an amazing thing.


AppleApple touched the hearts of so many. Late one night around 11AM, a women called me and it was from The West Valley Shelter. She was crying (I could hear it in her voice). I said "what is going on?" She said "I really need your help, this poor dog is going to be put down at 8AM tomorrow and she has done nothing wrong”. She explained that the dog is a 6 month old Pit Bull who is teething and she was trying to play with one of the workers and his sharp baby teeth caught the workers finger and it bleed a little” (at the shelter they consider that a bite). She said "please can you help?". I of course was on it right away.

I agreed to take little Apple (I was a little nervous, I admit). I put my name on the dog so they could not put the dog down. I went the next day to pick up Apple from the vet (all dogs are sent to the vet to be spayed or neutered before you can have them at this shelter). I went into the vet and I said I came to pick up Apple (I named her that). They said "I am so sorry" (my throat was closing fast and tears came to my eyes I thought the worst). She said "We can't give her to you, we all want her" LOL.

Apple is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She now lives in Santa Barbara with an amazing man who adores her. She has a Posterpedic mattress that she shares with her human. Behind her home is a huge off leash dog park and in her own back yard is an olive orchard (NOT BAD FOR A DOG WHO ALMOST HAD NO LIFE AT ALL).


CasperCasper is this sweet little teddy bear of a dog. I first saw Casper in the corner at Carson Shelter, just staring at me with this look of “Please don’t leave me here” (they all look at you like pick me pick me).

There was something different about Casper. He has this movie star quality about him. I walked toward the cage and (most jump up and down to say hello). Casper just looked at me, I called him over and he walked right up and pressed his body into my hand. I said “you are coming with me don’t worry”. I picked him up and he laid into my arms like a baby and just looked up at me. Then the most amazing thing happened... he put his paws gentlly on my face as to say "thank you". The tears just came down from my eyes. I was so touched by this sweet dog.

Casper is adopted by none other then the trainer who owned, and trained the dog Eddie from the show Frasier.