Our Amazing Team

Vickie Wagner
Founder and President of Eloise Rescue

I have had an affinity for all animals since the day I was born. If there is a stray animal that need’s help he or she will find me. I had the pleasure of working with many other rescues such as Best Friends, Much Love and many more which gave me an amazing amount of knowledge of the day to day running of a rescue.  Deciding to start my own rescue is an ever-changing journey, which is filled with the most amazing joyous experiences, to eyes filling with tears over true sadness.

My experience with dogs is extensive. I have trained animals for over 14 years, which sure comes in handy when dealing with our incredible rescue dogs from the shelters of LA to the streets of LA. My dream one day is to never have to rescue a dog because there will be no more homeless dogs and the shelters will be empty.

Steven Landsberg
Vice President

I have known Steven all my life. He is an inspiration to many people and animals. Steven is amazing with dogs. He has two dogs, and has all dogs best interest at heart.

Steven is a dedicated person and has been a great help to Eloise Rescue. Steven is always the voice of reason which makes him a great Vice president.

Kim Caldwell

Kim Caldwell has been a lifetime friend. Kim has 4 dogs, a cat and is constantly open to helping any animal in need. Her ability to source information and take care of the needs of our rescue is miraculous.

Kim’s compassion and love for animals is something that never has waivered. Kim has donated her time and knowledge to fulfilling whatever need Eloise Rescue has. Kim’s can do attitude was the perfect for for the treasurer of Eloise Rescue.

Julie DeWitt Urbanek
Secretary & Adoption Day Coordinator & Event Coordinator

Julie’s positivity and always looking for the solution type of person has been a gift to Eloise rescue. She is an animal lover, and of course growing up with animals has given her joy and compassion for all four legged animals.

Julie adopted a dog from Eloise rescue named “Buster”. After adopting Buster, she took a great interest in the day to day of Eloise rescue and started volunteering at adoption events. Julie is now the Adoption day coordinator for volunteers along with keeping the minutes at our meetings and anything she can step up to help with.

Dr. Jeff Werber
Our Veterinarian & Animal Adviser & Board Member

Dr. Jeff Werber at Century Vet Group has been a friend to the president of the rescue for 29 yrs. He has taken a hand’s on approach to teaching the president of our rescue anything she needs to know so that we have the knowledge to help our rescue dogs. 

He is available to our dogs any time we need him. Dr. Jeff Werber’s kindness and compassion is constant. He advises our board of any all-veterinary concerns. He is an active board member and an asset to our rescue.

Amberwren Leib
Fundraising Event Coordinator & Transporter

Amberwren contacted us because we needed transport for a few dogs and she stepped up. Little did we know that she would be the adopter for one of the dogs? Amber fell in love with the one dog from day one and she adopted her “LULU”.

Amber became very involved with our rescue and always offered to lend a hand. Amberwren is always available to help the president wrangle a stray dog. she is the first person to volunteer to go to the shelter and help transport our dogs. Amberwren is amazing at the details for pulling off great events, so of course she was the perfect choice to be our event coordinator.

Rob Chauvin
Website & updating of all content

A mutual friend introduced Rob to me. I was shocked and amazed by his “I will make your website happen attitude”. He is a crucial part of our continued success. Without the website, dogs would not be adopted, people would not know what events are coming up and so much more.

He is the most easy going person to work with. We send him something and it is up in a day. He is a tremendous help to Eloise rescue and we are very grateful to have him on the team as our Website guru.