Rehoming Your Dog

Please consider why you are rehoming your dog.

A. If it is because not being able to afford food or medical? Consider contacting us.  We maybe able to help or connect you with help.

B. If it is because of moving? Consider contacting a Real Estate broker to help you find a home that allows a pet. You may consider making your dog a therapy dog so he or she is allowed in any home. We can give you a number of a person to contact for this.

C. If it is because of old age? Consider that an older dog has devoted his or her life to you. Please know older dogs rarely make it out of a shelter. Dying in a shelter among strangers is not what you want for a dog who has been there for you.

D. If you are giving up your dog because of aggression issues or is hyper because of training issues? Please contact us for a trainer or help with the behavior.

Rescues can only take in so many dogs. We pay for everything by donations. A dog is for life and giving up on them is not an option. There is an answer for every issue most of the time.

We are here to help. If you still feel you need to give up your dog after reading the above send, the following information to our email

1. Breed of dog
2. A picture of your dog
3. Why you are giving up your dog
4. How old your dog is
5. The temperament of your dog.
6. Male or Female
7. Neutered or spayed
8. Up to date in vaccines

We can not take all dogs in but we will do our best to help.